Tape 105  Danish Radio Big Band concert, Feb 1978

Track 001 You’re Gonna Hear From Me (Fragment)  Vocal by Mona Larsen

Track 003 Ballad (K Wheeler)  Solos by Alan Botschinsky and Tony Coe

Track 005 I Don’t Need A Sunny Day  Vocal by Michael Elo

Track 007 All Neat In Black Stockings  Composed by Bob Cornford

Track 010 My Favourite Things  Soloist Tony Coe

Arrangements by Bob Cornford for Danish Radio Big Band Concert conducted by Bob Cornford.

Tape 5319   All this tape has written on it is “Crossfire”. It is a combination of covers of contemporary hits and arrangements for, probably, the BBC C2 Orchestra for late night broadcast. We have only included the orchestral arrangements!

Track 001 InstrumentalA   Title?   (with Kenny Wheeler?)

Track 003 Yesterday   (an extraordinary arrangement)

Track 006 InstrumentalB   Title?

Tape 5320   BBC C2 Orchestra directed by Bob Cornford and playing his arrangements, solos by Kenny Wheeler

Track 001 Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing

Track 002A My Ship (aborted take)   (with Kenny Wheeler)

Track 002B My Ship (retake)

Track 003   Title?

Track 004 The Fool On The Hill

Track 005   Title?   (with Kenny Wheeler)

Track 006 Miss Otis Regrets

Track 007 Scarborough Fair

Track 008 You Must Believe In Spring

Track 009 Bess You Is My Women Now

Track 010 My Ship   (with Kenny Wheeler)

Track 011   Title?

Track 012 I Didn’t Know What Time It Was

Track 013   Title?   (with Kenny Wheeler)

Track 014   Title?

Track 015 She’s Leaving Home

Track 016 Tea For Two

Track 017   Title?